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What’s the future of dating? – GirlsAskGuys


Well… with the divorce and infidelity rates appearing to be rising, and less people getting married, I see a future where open relationships, flings, and one night stands become the norm.

And it will be harder and harder for those of us looking for real, long term relationships to find someone willing to invest their time and interest when they can instead just go out, have sex, and be sedated until the next person of interest comes along.

Yeah, it’s a bleak future boys and girls, especially if you’re single, lol

It’s bleak either way, but meh. Just enjoy it while it last. Not everyone that remains single gonna be looking for hookups, flings, one night stands, etc. though.

We gotta find a way to change this course for the better.

@lightbulb27 I wouldn’t bother, too jaded and nihilistic to give a shit anymore, let the people in the future generations sort it out themselves. Those that really believe that it’s worth trying and believe they can actually change anything or actually do anything about it to make it better, well then, good luck with it.

@JudgmentDay I understand the dismay. Is it your frustration and difficulty in finding what you like, or your perception of what is going on that is most troublesome? The positive thing I hear you saying is you do value good qualities. I do see people finding what they want, even marriage, but it is way way too difficult. Abundance of people and more confusion…

I’ll be one of the first 1000s to date sex robots 💚😀

Hopefully dating and relationships between men and women either end or become what they used to be, which is being only for the purpose of making and taking care of offspring.

With all these guys cheating eventually relationships will be rare.

I don’t blame you for saying that. Not everyone cheats though.

Girls under 30 cheat more than guys… so women are making that dynamic worse right now

I’m not spreading false info. It’s the first time in history since it’s been studied women in any demographic are cheating more. It’s only women under 30 right now, but in ten years it will spread through the other age brackets. Google it. Many articles talking about it…


You’re arguing with a girl who dislikes men in general, always thinks she’s right because she’s too dumb to understand even basic well-known shit, and will delete your comments if you say anything that proves her wrong. Waste of time.

The future os dating is synonymous with the future of mating!

the way social interaction between people goes now there will be no relationships at all
even now its rare to see couples 10 y ago coupleswere everywere , everyone was getting married or engaged , and now almost nobody
people chase wrong things , things that dont matter that much as the person that will support and love you

The future I see based on the present is girls running 5-10 guys by text with none of the dudes being the wiser- yet continuing to complain men are playing the field. It just keeps getting worse and worse and men will continue to disengage in the process

More breakups and divorces maybe or more people end up being single for longer periods of time, such into their 30s, 40s, or 50s, if not indefinitely.

the future of dating is that women are less likely to date someone for economic safety and men to women cheating ratio balanced out. the outcome of a world where both genders don’t depend on each other is that sex becomes more valueable (through technology disease which drives people away from natural interactions) and also sex becomes more valueable because people need their sexual drives calmed to be able to find a partner that really fits by persona

Tinder-sexuals who just swipe to orgasm. They never even go on dates.

Tinder and Instagram. Dating for Looks/money and hook ups. Cheats and MGTOW/WGTOW.
More divorces than lasting marriages.

Meanwhile sex robots and dakimakuras gain in popularity like porn did.

It’s difficult to say, because it depends on what society does. Does it improve itself or does it continue to deteriorate? Only time will tell what people choose to do.

Men will have sexbots. Women will have vibrators. And those who want kids will either go to a sperm bank or sign a contract because MGTOW is growing everyday. Sad but true and its coming

Organized social communities that provide a safer and lower stress way of meeting people with similar goals and values. All equiped with emotional healing, relationship training, dating training, marriage training, relational skills, communication skills, arguing skills, emotional development, compatability education, goal setting, sex education. followed by social support, encouragement, growth development, mentoring.

It’s a 9 year degree program that starts around 2nd grade. Or else it looks like were screwed and will keep de-evolution going.

My personal concept/prediction for the future is a relaxed text-based service that nobody of either gender will have as great pressure with photos, etc.

@UncleJessieRabbit i don’t follow., can you clarify. you think we’ll all text each other without photos to find a good match?

@lightbulb27 I am trying to say that it would be like the text-based adventure gaming equivalent of online dating.

I’d guess the tables would turn, but i dont know when and how.. sex robots.. or political change after a good WW III.. 🤔

The same as it’s been with differnt ways to communicate

I think the future of dating is more or less as future of economy. The most attractive guys will have more and more chances with girls and it will more and more difficult to average guys to date girls, therefore like the economy because the richest people have every day more and more chances to become richer and the rest of the people have no option than accepting that their purchasing power will never be higher than nowadays.

Therefore, I think that the quantity of guys who die virgin or die without having sex with a non-prostitute girl will increase more and more every year.

Well all this me too, independent atttitude, gold digger, narcissism. Slim pickings!!

Dont forget blocking and ghosting over a simple disagreement or difference of opinion… seriously how do you ever expect to have any kind of relationship when all you ever do is run hide and block? Talk it out and get stronger…

In a way, I’m cool with that if men continue to deteriorate in society I would prefer it and let the the remainder of society clear it up for themselves.

one night stands and a breakthrough in treating std’s thats what it is becoming

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