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Online dating can be a thrilling but sometimes difficult experience.

Movies about how we’re connected resonate with us especially when it comes to finding that perfect match. It’s convenient and easy to connect, but sometimes that can pose problems as well.

These movies about online dating reflect what it’s like to meet online.

Because I Said So

After a breakup, Milly’s mother Daphne gets concerned that she’ll never find someone. She places a dating ad for Milly, hoping to find the perfect match.

She finds a guy, but Milly has found someone of her own. When Milly finds out about her mother’s schemes, it causes a rift between them and forces her to make a decision.

Dating sites like help us find our best match. As long as you’re the one filling out the profile.

Sex Drive

Ian connects with a girl online called Ms.Tasty. He pretends to be an idealized version of himself with a fake profile pic to match.

Wanting to meet her, Ian and a group of his friends take a road trip in his brother’s car. Along the way, they encounter problems and Ian finds out his journey to meet Ms. Tasty may not end how he imagined.

Sex Drive is one of the movies about online dating that deals with the problems that arise when you pretend to be somebody that you’re not.

You’ve Got Mail

This romantic comedy is an example of how our perfect someone might be right in front of us.

Kathleen and Joe are two bookstore owners and real-life rivals. However, under the pseudonym of a username, they start to hit it off.

There’s only one catch…they can’t reveal any personal information. When Joe breaks the rule and suggests meeting up, things start to get complicated.

A Case of You

When Sam falls for Birdie, he checks out her online profile. Thinking he has to impress her, he pretends to be into all the interests on her page.

Sam starts taking up everything from cooking to playing the guitar. When Birdie finally confesses, Sam turns her down thinking she’s only into the guy he pretended to be. When he realizes his mistake, he tries to tell her the truth.

A Case of You is a lesson in how you should never pretend to be someone you’re not online.

After getting dumped, Scott receives an email and suggestion they meet from his pen pal in Germany. Thinking his friend “Mike” is a guy, he sends an angry email back only to find out that she is a girl named Mieke.

With his friends, Scott travels to Europe to meet her in person. They encounter all sorts of bizarre people and hilarious obstacles along the way. When Scott finally finds Mieke, he tries to apologize and confess his love.

Eurotrip is one of the online dating movies that proves how miscommunication online can lead to big mistakes.

Taylor is a teenage girl who just created an online profile. After a series of incidents, her brother hacks her laptop and posts a dirty message.

Afterward, Taylor becomes a victim of cyberbullying. She meets a guy online named James, who she later finds out isn’t who he claims he is. Taylor struggles to cope with all the bullying, but it may end up being too much.

While this movie focuses on digital drama, it does teach us that people online are not always who they appear to be. If you’re struggling with online bullying, .

Disconnect combines three stories. Nina, a reporter, connects to a teenage chat room stripper named Kyle. After getting involved with the police, Nina has to try and get more information. But her concern for Kyle may not be enough to save him.  

Jason and Frye make a fake profile and pretend to be a girl named Jessica. They convince Ben to send a nude picture. They then bully him by sending the picture to classmates and Ben tries to commit suicide.

Mourning the death of her son, Cindy uses an online support group to cope and has her identity stolen. A private detective tries to help, but only finds another victim of identity theft.

Connecting online can have consequences. When it comes to online dating, it’s important to protect yourself and make good choices.

Online Dating Movies with an Impact

These movies about online dating teach us important lessons. When dating online, be honest about who you are and know who you’re talking to first before meeting up.

Online dating has changed the way we meet people, and usually for the better. Just be careful and honest, because everything can have consequences.




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