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Taylor Swift’s 30 on 30: An In-Depth Analysis! R. Kelly’s Explosive Interview! Alex Trebek Gravely Sick! AND… | Perez Hilton


Taylor Swift‘s essay for Elle magazine about the 30 most important lessons she’s learned in life is ONE OF THE BEST THINGS SHE HAS EVER DONE !!! We laughed, we cried, we learned and then we must do a deep dive into it- so …. here we are, is speaking to every single one of her points and loving it! This is one of our favorite videos we’ve ever constructed !! AND we talk about much better too !!

Alex Trebek’s stage 4 pancreatic cancer revelation has shook us and his fans of all ages !!

An apology to Demi Lovato.

R. Kelly’s interview with Gayle King stimulates me think he’s even guiltier than we previously thought!

Khloe Kardashian is keeping her daughter away from cheating Tristan Thompson!

Kate Beckinsale’s ex alerts Pete Davidson to’ running’ away from her!

Zac Efron’s new dame !!! A

nd more of today’s hottest topics, including Luke Perry, the Jonas Friend, Michael Jackson and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW!

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TAYLOR SWIFT tells all to Elle 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ taylor-swift-kim-kardashian-elle-cover /~ ATAGEND

ALEX TREBEK opposing stage 4 cancer 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ alex-trebek-cancer-retiring-jeopardy /~ ATAGEND

R KELLY interview 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ r-kelly-gayle-king-full-interview /~ ATAGEND

R KELLY back in jail 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ r-kelly-custody-jail-unpaid-child-support-payments /~ ATAGEND

DEMI LOVATO knocks out her trainer 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ demi-lovato-knock-trainer-teeth-out /~ ATAGEND

DEMI LOVATO and boyfriend break up 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ demi-lovato-henry-levy-split /~ ATAGEND

KHLOE KARDSHIAN proscribes Tristan Thompson from ensure their daughter 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ khloe-kardashian-tristan-thompson-true-thompson-custody /~ ATAGEND

KATE BECKINSALE’s ex has some stern terms for Pete Davidson 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ kate-beckinsale-ex-boyfriend-pete-davidson-run /~ ATAGEND

ZAC EFRON and Olympic swimmer 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ zac-efron-sarah-bro-dating-rumors /~ ATAGEND

JONAS BROS expended a year in therapy before reunion 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ nick-jonas-brothers-reunion-therapy /~ ATAGEND

COREY FELDMAN on Leaving Neverland 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ corey-feldman-michael-jackson-leaving-neverland-documentary-twitter /~ ATAGEND

IAN ZIERING in fight at Whole Foods 😛 TAGEND

https :// perezhilton.com/ ian-ziering-altercation-whole-foods-luke-perry-death /~ ATAGEND

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