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Leah Messer: Back with Jeremy Calvert AGAIN?!


Leah Messer’s love life has been quite the topic at the end of the debates lately.

In circles that discuss Teen Mom gossip, anyway.

She recently broke up with Jason Jordan for the second time, and there’s been lots of drama surrounding that.

But today, we’re not talking about Jason.

We’re is speaking to another one of Leah’s exes.

Because it really, truly looks like she’s back with Jeremy Calvert.

1. True Love?

Leah messer and jeremy calvert pic

Leah and Jeremy … well, they have quite the sordid history.

2. The Beginning

Poor leah

They began dating in 2011, just a few months after she divorced Corey Simms, and less than a year after that, they got married.

3. The Happy Couple

Leah messer jeremy calvert photo

Not too long after that, Leah got pregnant with her third child and Jeremy’s first, Addie.

4. Troubled Times

Jeremy getting fancy

Of course, everything wasn’t perfect. Leah had a hard time dealing with Jeremy’s job, which requires him to travel most of the time, and Jeremy had a hard time dealing with lots of things about Leah.

5. Uh Oh …

Leah d messer image

One was the drug addiction she developed after a painful birthing experience with Addie — she revealed in a recent interview that she got addicted to the painkillers and anti-anxiety meds she was prescribed then.

6. Double Uh Oh

Leah messer calvert photo

Then there were the affairs.

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