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Crypto 2.0, accessibility, and Apple’s future strategy


From Extra Crunch

Jon Evans has a comprehensive seem at the most compelling futures for “Crypto 2.0. ” With the trading hysterium out of the way( at least for the time being ), engineers and product designers can now get back to the real world of improving these systems. Digital accessibility expert Beth Franssen has a piece on how to improve accessibility for websites. Handling this well can improve the quality of a product for all users, while limiting legal liability. We’ve published our post-Apple extravaganza conference call transcript with TechCrunch editor-in-chief Matthew Panzarino. Lots of nuggets in here about the future of Apple’s strategy.

Wide Angle

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Stories from outside the 280/101 corridor

Can you buy your own develop? Apparently, yes, but as with all things, it is complicated. Ken Doctor does his thing with a deep dive into the LA Times’ transformation into a( hopeful) digital media powerhouse. I talk about CFIUS a lot these days, and here is a story of how it is blocking the acquisition of gay dating app Grindr by a Chinese game company. Nikkei has a great deep dive into the expansion of low-cost mobile services in India with Reliance’s Jio service. We talked a bit about this with James Crabtree a few weeks back. Speaking of which, Y Combinator is going to be conducting a decide of interviews for their next batch from India. Naspers is going to listing its Tencent shares( roughly a third of the company) on Euronext Amsterdam.


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