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25 Top Camping Tips I Learned From My Old Man


Growing up, I learned a lot from my old boy but nothing beats these 25 camping tips-off. Use these to construct your next trip-up a little more enjoyable.

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Camping Tips and Hacks I Learned From My” Old Man” This article was originally posted at OutdoorWarrior.com and is shared with full permission .~ ATAGEND

My dad taught me some few camping tips and hacks that attained our lives easier back then, and to this day, I apply what I learned in my hunting jaunts and camping trips with my family. Now, I know there are a lot of modern equipment and camping gear that are currently make our camping journeys a lot easier, but they can never make it easier compared to these hacks.

For example, what happens when I forget my matches? What happens when I forget to bringing anti-itch creams?

I used to think of other ways to create flame, or how to keep away pesky mosquitoes. These camping tips-off, as primitive as they may be, still work and I am glad I learned them from my father.

Camping Tip# 1: Burn Sage to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Sage herbs | Top Camping Tips I Learned From My Old Man

You don’t want to have the company of mosquitoes on your camping trip. The best way to keep them away is by burning sages in your campsite because it is a natural mosquito repellent.

Avoid pesky bites and riling buzzes but more so, be discouraged so you can’t have possible diseases.

Camping Tip# 2: Learn to Distinguish Poisonous Plants

Learn to tell which plants are poison in order to avoid getting in contact with them. One common instance of poisonous plants often encountered when camping is the poison ivy.

Poison ivy can cause bad itching, annoyance, and sometimes even painful rashes.

Camping Tip# 3: Employ Doritos as Tinder for your Fire

Ready for an interesting camping checklist? A bag of Doritos can really keep your fire going and strong because this snack pack is flammable.

Read the label at the back because it might just expose its secret to you. It’s such a garbage to simply use Doritos for fire, and I’m not advocating the burning of plastic, but when SHTF, this might come in handy.

Camping Tip# 4: Or if you Don’t want to Sacrifice your Snacks, use Cotton Pads Dipped in Wax

A more practical approach to camping tip# 4 is cotton dipped in wax. Much like a candle wick, they’re quick to start a fire and keep it going.

Camping Tip# 5: Have your Paper Egg Tray as the Ultimate Fire Starter

Paper egg tray | Top Camping Tips I Learned From My Old Man

That, and match illuminate charcoal. What you do is fill the paper egg tray with the match sunlight charcoal and light the whole thing up!

The Doritos and the cotton pads can serve you well, but this is for when you need a faster and bigger flame for a bigger bunch of people when camping.

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Camping Tip# 6: Use a Vegetable Peeler for Hygienic Purposes

You don’t peel grime, that’s not how it works. When camping, your hygienic routine may not be like it was at home, with all the items you conveniently use.

Your bar of soap can be maximized by a vegetable peeler. How? Peel a portion of your soap when you need it.

This will prevent you from losing the entire bar but still having enough to yourself.

Camping Tip# 7: Hide your Money in a Soap Bar

It’s one of those old boy scout tricks that merely doesn’t fail. It’s one of the most unsuspecting areas to stash a valuable.

Who would ever find the time robbing a place and examine every bit of item, including soap? That’s why it works.

Your soap bar isn’t just for rinsing alone, then.

Camping Tip# 8: Always have Aluminum Foil Handy

Aluminum foil barbecue in Grill | Top Camping Tips I Learned From My Old Man

As food preparation is an inseparable one of the purposes of every camping trip-up, aluminum foil should be found in every camper’s pack. Wrap your meat and other food items and place them over a fire.

It will come out nice, soft, and juicy. It will also help you create and maintain one section of food for cooking, eating, and storing.

Camping Tip# 9: Try Roasting Starbursts

I love cook marshmallows on an open fire, and back then, we used sticks! Now my nephews and nieces detected something else: Starbursts.

Have you ever thought of roasting Starbursts over the campfire? It’s as good as it could get, really.

Flavors playing in your mouth is something marshmallows can do, but Starbursts is on a different level.

Camping Tip #10: Roast Hotdogs on a … Rake

If you ever need to grill those tasty hotdogs all at once, a rake can do that for you. Utilize the several stands on the rake and save time in cooking.

Just make sure somebody’s holding the rake well and looking into what you are grilling in there.

Camping Tip #11: Have Aromatic Herbs with You

Forego bottled marinades because it’s only added luggage. Instead, use aromatic herbs.

Have aromatic herbs such as rosemary burned immediately into the flame to easily smoke your steaks or other dishes in flavor. Go natural while camping, and have fun while you’re at it too.

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This summer, don’t forget these tips on your camping trip whether you’re camping alone, with your friends, or their own families. These are easy to remember and is perfect for outdoor warriors with all kinds of experience.

Got more camping tips-off to share? Don’t forget to comment and share your experiences and tips.

Do you have more camping tips to add to this post? Share your camping knowledge with us in the comments section below!


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