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10 Reality Shows For Fans Of The Real Housewives


Fans of the Real Housewives franchise have been invested since the first prove, Orange County, premiered in 2006. Now there’s New York, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Dallas, and Potomac( along with a few spin-offs that didn’t last many seasons ). There are gifs, memes, and inside jokes, and the series has become a part of popular culture.

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The Real Housewives franchise has much drama and opposing that it would make sense if it was the only reality show that you watched … but there are so many other options out there that you’re sure to enjoy as well. Here are 10 reality demonstrates for fans of The Real Housewives.

10 Maintaining Up With The Kardashians

If you love watching a well-known family live their lives, then you’ve likely watched an episode( or a season) of Maintaining Up With the Kardashians. The present premiered in 2007 and now is now on its 16 th season.

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KUWTK is a great show for fans of the Real Housewives because by now, many of the housewives have become celebrities. Teresa Giudice is perhaps the most famous of them all and has books and products that she promotes, and she often talks about this stuff on the demonstrate. You’re already used to watching the famous housewives and now you can watch the famous Kardashian-Jenner family, too.

9 Very Cavallari

If you watched The Hills then you know Kristin Cavallari … and if you know Kristin Cavallari then “youre supposed to” is recognized that she’s been doing a ton of stuff since that early reality depict. She’s married with kids, a cookbook author, and running the jewelry brand, Uncommon James.

Kristin is also the starring of her own reality display, Very Cavallari, and the second largest season is currently airing on the E! network. This is the perfect indicate for Real Housewives fans because of one element: the drama. There is a lot of tension between Kristin and her employees and that is often the focal point of each episode.

8 The City

Everyone knows The Hills, but did anyone catch the spin-off, The City? Whitney Port starred on this present, which only operated for two seasons, and it was about how she moved to New York and worked in fashion. She dated, had some friendship drama, and generally tried to find herself and become who she wanted to be.

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The City is beautifully rendered and the shots of NYC streets are enough to stimulate you volume a vacation right away, so it’s great for fans of the Real Housewives who enjoy considering the city that each show is filmed in( especially fans of RHONY ).

7 Teen Mom OG

Anyone who watches MTV reality depicts or is a big fan of the genre would find it tough to ignore the Teen Mom franchise. But even if someone has never seen an episode of 16 and Pregnant, which is the MTV series which originally triggered the spin-off, they should still watch Teen Mom OG.

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This show features the four girls who had newborns during their adolescent years and are now bringing up those kids( or in the case of Catelynn, dealing with giving their kid up with a view to its adoption and now they have two other kids ). The latest season had two new daughters, Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd. It’s a reality show that is worth checking out if you love get a look at someone’s every day life.

6 Bethenny Ever After

An oldie but a goodie various kinds of reality depict, Bethenny Ever After aired for three seasons on Bravo from 2010 until 2012. The indicate was about Bethenny Frankel and basically showed you her real life for a little while.

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Back then, she was married to Jason Hoppy and they were about to have their daughter. She has since gotten divorced from him. The drama of that has been a big one of the purposes of her period on RHONY so if fans want to go back a few years and get the background tale, this is a good reality depict to watch. You can also watch Bethenny’s previous demonstrate, Bethenny Getting Married which, of course, was about her wedding.

5 #RichKids Of Beverly Hills

#RichKids Of Beverly Hills operated for four seasons on the E! network and while it’s sadly over, there are still enough episodes for you to get your reality present binge-watching on.

It’s super easy to tell what this show is about thanks to the very clear title. The “rich kids” are Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart, and their pals. Want to see how very wealthy young person live? Want to watch them order expensive takeout and have a lifestyle that costs more by the second that yours ever would? This is your chance. The show is also worth it for the outlandish statements, like when Morgan said, “My personal trainer’s fee is $1,000. I drop a lot of money to complain with her.”

4 Vanderpump Rules

Calling all Real Housewives superfans: you have to go one step further and get into Vanderpump Rules. This show is a spin-off of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is about Lisa Vanderpump and her eatery, SUR.

The show is really popular and has been on the air for seven seasons now. This indicate might even have bigger arguments and more “wow, that was wild! ” moments than the Housewives francise, so it’s a must for anyone who loves Lisa. And, of course, if you get into RHOB you have to love Lisa because she’s a altogether stylish and fabulous person.

3 The Hills: New Beginnings

Fans of the early 2000 s MTV reality demonstrate The Hills can’t wait for the new spin-off called The Hills: New Beginnings which is premiering in June 2019. Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, and Whitney Port are coming back, along with Mischa Barton( yes, the actress who played Marissa on The O.C .). Lauren Conrad isn’t coming back for the new reveal, though.

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This is another good prove for fans of the Real Housewives since it seems like it’s altogether going to have the same great parts: drama, relationships that might get tested( okay, that probably will get tested ), and a high production value.

2 Siesta Key

Fans of the Real Housewives should stop whatever they’re doing and check out Siesta Key ASAP. It couldn’t be a more perfect prove for fans of friend groups that are often on the rocks, all kinds of personal drama, and pretty people who like get dressed up for parties.

There ought to have two seasons on MTV so far and every episode candidly would seem to be it could be a music video. The environment is gorgeous since the show is set in a Florida beach town, and you never know who is dating who or which couple is going to break up. It’s a thrilling show.

1 Southern Charm

The final demonstrated that any Real Housewives loyal spectator should watch is Southern Charm. The Bravo series has been on the air since 2014 and the sixth season is about to premiere this spring 2019.

The series is about a group of chums who live in Charleston, and candidly there are times when it could be a part of the Housewives franchise since the friends are often fighting or get actually emotional with one another.

These 10 reality demonstrates are perfect for fans of the Real Housewives franchise … and for anyone who can’t stop get sucked into reality shows that appear good and don’t stop with the drama, ever.


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