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AVOID These 3 Toxic Attraction Killers (BEWARE)


By Bobby Rio
Co-creator of: Unlock Her Legs: How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl

cusackI grew up watching John Cusack movies. I really wanted to believe that standing outside some girls window with a boom box blasting a love song was the key to her heart.

Unfortunately, its not. And even though logically most of us know this… years of pop song programming seem to kick in every time we like a girl and lead us to make some very damaging mistakes.

Here are 3 of the most toxic killers of attraction:

1. Sending Her Flowers at Work

This move REEKS of desperation. It also says Im completely Unoriginal. If you send a girl flowers early into a relationship you trigger her CLINGY Alarm. And shell begin worrying that if things end youre going to be one of those guys who gets weird and creepy. Make no mistake, the thoughts that begin flowing through her mind when the flowers arrive are almost never positive.

2. Confessing Your Feelings too Soon

Flowers-at-work-224x300As guys when we have all these bottled-up feelings for a girl we want to blurt them out. We think: if only she knew how much I like her shell surely want to be my girlfriend. WRONG. The minute you confess your feelings to a girl youre revealing your hand… and leaving her nothing to work for. Remember, the less she has to work for you… the more bored she becomes. ==> To learn how to make her work for you Click Here.

3. Being too Available

There are a few reasons this will kill her attraction towards you. First off, it eliminates some of your mystery. Second, it doesnt give her time to miss you and anticipate seeing you. And third, we place less value on things that are easy to obtain. Which means if youre always around she begins to value you less.

So how do you play hard to get while still moving things forward with her?

Great question! And its actually super simple. (Warning: its pretty sneaky)!