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What To Text Your Girlfriend


SMS-Rules-You-Must-Follow-With-Your-Fling-1There are some very important tips that you will want to remember to follow when texting in a relationship. When you know what these rules are you will be able to get the most out of your relationship with the person you are with and keep a clear line of communication open at all times.

The first thing that you should remember is to never over-abbreviate the messages you send your girlfriend.

With so many different shorthand ways of saying just about everything, it can be tempting to use all of them because it is just easier, but not always the best way to go about texting. Its okay to use abbreviations like lol or ttyl but when it comes to the messages you send as a whole, you will want to make sure to take the time to type out the words so your girlfriend will be able to understand everything you say.

Make sure that if you are flirting with a girl over text messages, that you actually like her and you arent just leading her on. It can be easy for someone to get the wrong impression when another person keeps texting them flirty messages with little winky face emoticons. If you are texting a girl with these kinds of messages then you should have genuine feelings for her.

If you are angry or need to talk about something serious, wait until you are face to face or at least on the phone with each other before you lay it out. Texting too much can become a problem, especially when the other person wants to talk in person. The fact is that this form of communication can become addictive, but it is never as good as real face-to-face conversations and it should not be used as a substitution, especially with your girlfriend.

Check out the video and learn how to text your girlfriend!